Something unusual - aircraft wheels

Some bits finished for Thursday's game - Operation Caravan

My aircraft are all finished as flying models, but for the game I need them on the ground - this is OK for fixed undercarriage planes, but these left over bits will go under my aircraft to give the right effect. Here's one deployed

The SAS jeep is also just finished it's a repaired Early War Miniatures reject


PatG said...

Very clever!

Umpapa said...

Indeed, clever!

João Pedro Peixoto said...

Great idea. I'll do the same. If i find the damn wheels.

Pete. said...

Very smart. I'll copy that for future aircraft I build.



Joakim Ström said...


AKI said...

I did something very similar with model Jets for a 15mm game many years ago. I had the full tricycle undercarriage fitted to a base . Well done on your version.