Saturday, 13 April 2019

British 15pdr BL guns

Another Strelets set and again this time I've used the crews for three different periods Anglo-Zulu War in blue(ignoring the putees) the Sudan in grey and North West Frontier in khaki (but it will stretch to WWI)

The guns are only used for the Sudan and later as the British Army reverted to muzzle loaders during the Zulu War.

I'm not sure about a few of the poses, especially the limbo dancing characters who should be adjusting the bearing by manoeuvring the wheels.


Phil said...

Beautiful figures!

Andy Canham said...

They look great. I wonder if they might have been used to support the Indian army in WW1 - after the mutiny they weren't allowed their own heavy artillery so British crews manning older guns would seem to fit the bill.

Paul´s Bods said...

Verynice. I like the combo of the airfix RHA limbers and the Nags from German Mountain troops sets.

Fire at Will said...

Andy they were used in WW1 (on Wiki)

7th Field Battery (4 guns, originally No. 2 and No. 6 Light Batteries) towed by oxen and known as the Oxo Battery and manned by Mauritian and South African gunners fought in the German East Africa campaign in World War I.[12]

So my Ox teams will come in useful

cameronian said...

Very nice as always. I think I'm stalking you with the Colonials!