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Very much a side project as I have more then enough WW2 German Infantry, but this fitted in with the group build on the Wargamers Forum. I had been interested in the Valiant figures for some time but they were too large, so when the rescaled version was released I had to get some. They are nice figures, I used an infantry pack plus an extra sprue (from Andy) and a heavy weapons pack to make a platoon plus supports, or for a RF battalion (plus an AT gun)
my favourite figures are the section MG42 gunner (bipod) and assistant
The extras I created included a Panzershreck team and an OP team
All that is left over is an 81mm mortar. I did a certain number of head swaps, but there are certainly possibilities for a lot more conversions with the hard plastic.


James Fisher said...

These look excellent Will; particularly for a bit of a 'side project'!
Regards, James

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Excellent as always Will! Great to see that Valiant have resized their miniatures. Always nice figures but way too big. Let's hope the rest of the range will follow.
Cheers, Richard P

Chris Kemp said...

Those are nicely proportioned figures Will. I find it hard to believe that anyone has enough German figures though :-)

Regards, Chris.