The postman knocks thrice

It's been a busy week for the postman with three seperate deliveries
First was a ebay win of some TYW artillery, as I need the limbers for my War of Spanish Succession armies. It also came with a set of old Esci WW2 Japanese that will come in useful when I get around to Battlegroup Pacific.
Next a batch of PSC kits from Models2u, I had tried getting them from PSC in their sale, but they weren't covered by the sale and they charged 10% for delivery. Models2u gave a 10% discount and free delivery for the amount I ordered so a no-brainer.
Finally and delightfully, an ebay win of some Linear-A figures. To my surprise the seller DH follows this blog and added some extras to amuse me and they certainly did. There are quite a lot of useful bits and pieces and the temptation of some Caesar WW2 Chinese. Quite a lot to keep me busy and thanks again DH.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Nice haul!

AlFront said...

A lot of gluing and painting there, even for a Stakhonvite!

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Nothing like "toy's in the post" !