On the workbench - May 2021

A bit of an odd month as I deliberately didn't complete the kits I assembled to conform with the rules of the challenge on the Wargamers Forum. These need to be completed in May. So a listing with some in progress pictures
  • Sherman and M12 GMC
  • sdkfz 251/10 and Hetzer
  • German 75mm Infantry guns, one a scratch built IG37
  • A Rapid Fire battalion using Valiant Fighting 20s
  • In addition I will be working on
  • The new Orion Viet Cong and some rework of my old Esci VC
  • Starting the WSS British Infantry
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    Chris Kemp said...

    The scratch-built IG37 is a nice model, Will. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    Regards, Chris.