Late War German armour

My large batch of late war German AFVs produced on my 3D printer have now been painted. They are all 1/76 except for a couple of vehicles from Simon R, which I think are 1/72.
A rare survivor from early war a sdkfz247 ausf.B
Reconnaisance - a pair of Aufklarungpanzer 38(t) flanking a Panzer II Luchs. I used the turrets from the PSC sdkfz250 neu as they had better detail than the resin version.
Hetzers for the "1001 Nights" kampfgruppe. Hence the ambush camouflage
Marders: A Marder I and a pair of Marder IIIs (Marder I and a Marder III, courtesy of Simon R)
The heavy hitters a Brummbar and a Grille
Crews will still needed to be added to the open topped vehicles.


rct75001 said...

I reckon they have come up really well. Great to see.


Andy Canham said...

Nice selection. PSC crew for the Grille? The Aufklarungspanzer 38 (t)'s look great.

Cheers, Andy

Chris Kemp said...

A nice collection, Will.

Regards, Chris.

David said...

Really nice work! (Not quite my period, really - where are all the big heraldic flags! ;-)) But I can appreciate the work and appeal of all that armour, and as shown in previous posts... :-)