On the Workbench - October 2021

An all time record for a month when I haven't been sick or away, zero items completed in September!! Meanwhile the heap of unpainted resin grows, with just a small amount in the last few days.
In total I have successfully printed over 80 vehicles in September, now I have to paint them so in September my plan is to
  • Assemble and paint the vehicles I have printed
  • Finish the French Musketeers and Cardinals Guards (I did managed to put a bit of paint on them last month)
  • Start on my next WSS British and French cavalry.


Andy Canham said...

Nice selection. I see the Stalingrad preparations continue and are those hooded monks to bring divine inspiration to your Spanish WSS bods?

João Pedro Peixoto said...

Great production line here. You managed your own internal brexit :) Its great to be able to produce your own stuff. I'm not yet on this level but have friends here in Portugal that can supply both 3d Pla/resin stuff at very low prices. No one would say when we started decades ago that one day we would make our own stuff at home. Its just incredible.

Fire at Will said...

Andy, the hooded monks are "medieval townswomen" that were supposed to be 1/56 and I scaled them to 1/72 without checking. They were actually over 40mm tall and I had rescaled them to 1/56, but too late to visit the Woebetides.

JP - not sure about Brexit, but this allows me to print the vehicles I need at a reasonable cost. If your friends have any files they think might be of interest to me please let me know. As you may have seen Don McHugh is looking for a couple of Laffly S35T