On the workbench - March 2023

Well, February din't go quite to plan, in a nice way, with the acquisition and painting of the Natal Native Contingent for the Zulu War. So I number of items have drifted over into March so I have to work on.
  • 4 units of Napoleonic French Dragoons - All painted and just need basing
  • WW2 Russian crews for bren carriers and other 3D printed Russian vehicles - I've fitted the figures to the vehicles
  • Napoleonic Nassau Infantry battalion - heads swapped where needed and base coated
  • various odd 3D printed vehicles - progressing but still a background task
  • another Medieval Scottish Schiltron
  • Zvezda peasant army
  • Experimenting with some Zulu shields and bathtubbed Waco gliders to 3D print
I had hoped to go to WMMs this month, but family commitments have intervened, but instead I'll be heading off to Hammerhead in Newark this weekend.

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