Russian vehicle crews

Once I acquired more HaT Russian tank riders to crew my universal carriers I knew that I also had to add crews to some of my other uncrewed vehicles to give them "life"
It was a bit of a squeeze, but I managed to fit 6 figures in each carrier


pancerni said...

The Riders do give the vehicles that lived in look. I will try to get some hat figures.

MiniWargamer said...

I have never understood the design of the Bren Gun Carrier. Was it just that much cheaper to make and maintain than a half-track?

They look quite nice. Will definitely add character to a battlefield.

Fire at Will said...

Interesting discussion on AHF on British use of APCs

rross said...

Thanks for this - I have a few HaT pieces in my SCW collection and have wondered about getting the tank rider sets they do, as the figures are pretty good for the low cost. Good to see the Russians painted up and in situ on the vehicles