Sunday, 30 December 2007

20K achieved

After more than 35 years painting my collection of 20mm figures has now reached 20,000 with the completion of some Norman and Breton cavalry (pictures to follow soon). I would have reached this figure earlier if I hadn't sold my Napoleonic Russian cavalry.

The breakdown by broad periods is

2,326 Ancient/Medieval
1,777 Rennaissance
2,709 Lace wars
6,336 Napoleonic
1,293 American Civil War
1,091 Colonial
4,473 20th Century

Trouble is that it's a long way to the next milestone of 25K, so I won't achieve this for quite a few years.


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Snickering Corpses said...

Impressive accomplishment, Will! I was stunned earlier this year to realize I probably had 6000-8000 figures in my own collection. Though I hope to soon reduce that by about 1200 as my own 1/72 Napoleonics are going on the chopping block.