Saturday, 29 June 2013

Foreign Legion rebased for Gauntlet

Preparation for the SOTCW game at Gauntlet continues.

I've rebased my old Foreign Legion figures as they will be part of the French garrison for the game

All the terrain is now ready and here's an impression of how the table will look. On the day I will need to add more lines of stones, which define crest line and therefore limits line of sight.

For those who are interested the game is a what-if scenario set during the Tunisian campaign in 1943 with a mixture of forces from all the major combatants. To quote the author Warwick Young

"This fictional battle represents an action that took place instead of the conflagration at Kasserine. Mixed Axis units attacked from the Thelepte area northwards, along a road up a valley, with the aim of capturing Tebessa. They were halted by French defences in the towns of Bordj Oum Ali (to the south) and El Ma el Abiod (to the north), reinforced by British and American mixed units."

It is available as a pdf (link)


Andrew Canham said...

Figures looking really good and the terrain is great - should look fine at Gauntlet.



FriendlyFire said...

Very interesting idea and thanks for sharing the PDF. If you are interested another blogger has just finished his game of a similar scenario (from what I can tell):

Good luck, and may you be victorious at Gauntlet!

Nick Grant said...

Very impressive!

Phil said...

What a wonderful looking table!

Monty said...

Very nice, indeed ;)

Fire at Will said...

Friendly Fire, Richard Baber was the person who recommended the scenario, unfortunately this year he is unable to participate in the game.

FriendlyFire said...

Ah, well that explains the resemblance then Will!