Assorted British Armour

Right seems a while since I last posted anything, so here is some British bits.

To start with are a couple of Sextons made by S&S a couple of solid models, all I need to add now is some crew and I'll probably wait until the tank riders/passengers appear from Hat.

Then to add to my large number of carriers a Windsor carrier (left) that I will use for my 4.2" mortar team and a Lloyd carrier that I will correctly use for a 6pdr tow. The Windsor is by Milicast and the Lloyd from Cromwell. Again crews and some relevant stowage need to be added.

Lastly a wonderful Milicast model of a Matilda I, just the thing to frighten the Germans in 1940.

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Green stuff and Alioop said...

I love that Matilda. I am a sucker for all the early war stuff. I need to get a few in 28mm.