Half year review 2010

Well half a year has shot by and it’s time to consider progress against plans and how the rest of the year might pan out. As per the last two years it is a good time to check as the two big events of the year are now past.

So progress in numeric terms

536 Infantry split 259 WW2 (including 100 figures reworked for the big game); 92 Red Russians (finishing my RCW); 66 Janissaries; 29 Dragoons and other odd WSS; 51 Frundsberg Militia for the French Revolution and 39 Btirh & Zulu casualties.

30 Gunners; Mainly WSS using the new Zvezda Swedish artillery

73 Cavalry split 20 ECW cavalry; 18 WSS, just one cavalry unit, the rest artillery outriders; 15 Revolution, mainly Frundsberg Hussars and rebasing 20 Rif cavalry

68 bits of equipment, including 27 WW2 vehicles and 14 guns and limbers for the WSS

101 bit of terrain of which 35 pieces were rework of existing terrain ready for the Rif game.

Overall reasonable progress against plan.

I now need to move onto some of my other targets.

a) Completion of a WW2 US Parachute Infantry Regiment + support (about 100 figures) – now got all the basic figures I need

b) Completion of a WW2 British Parachute Brigade + support (about 100 figures) – now got all the basic figures I need

c) Some sort of Arab/Mameluke army for the crusades. – still on the back burner

d) Finally build a new 28mm ECW army using the warlord plastics broadly based on Sir William Waller's Western Association army, that fought at Lansdown, Roundway Down, Ripple Field, etc. – I’ve got the figures and one cavalry unit painted, but I don’t find the infantry all that inspiring and a PITA to assemble (and I’m a plastic modeller!)

I plan to concentrate on the ECW and completing some of the new WW2 armour I acquired at crewe in February and then move onto one of the two para brigades.


Giles said...

Will - very nice to see that someone is actually meeting their targets! Very impressive!

Best wishes


Giles said...
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Doc Smith said...

Fair decent amount of figures that have most of us wishing we could be as productive.

Have you seen the 'Battalia' box from Warlord games? An entire plastic ECW army for $UK 50. Ah, so much painting, so little time, eh?

Great half year's work, keep it up!


Anonymous said...

I am most impressed with your output. I think I have missed every target of my own!

Keep up the good work.


Sir William the Aged said...


Out of curiousity, which ECW rules (or P&S) will you be using for your new 28mm ECW collection?


Fire at Will said...

Bill, I'm currently using 1644 and/or Warhammer ECW. I'm really waiting to see what the Black Powder variant will be like.


Sir William the Aged said...


I thought you might still be playing Gush, I know you still play 6th Edition Ancients (or were). I still play Gush, although I'm looking at Impetus with some of the recent mod's. Also, Bob Bryant does a set of Ancients rules called "Might of Arms" that is similar to 6th but with a fatigue system instead of casualty removal, not bad and they are well-supported. One of the Group has done an ECW mod for them that you can download from the MoA Yahoo Group. They have some nice mechanics and special mod's for the ECW period and seem to play well. I know the author of the mod's and he has demo'ed them at a couple of area Con's with success.


Fire at Will said...

Docsmith, Yes, I have seen the battalia box and I wish I had got it instead of the individual packs, but they were a present, so I can't complain too much.