Last WW2 bits for July

My ECW foot regiment (Warlord figures) is almost finished, but I still haven't decided how to base them, currently I use either 1633 or WECW, but I prefer whole base systems, so I'm waiting to see what the Black Powder renaissance rule use. If I were to start from scratch I would use a 3 figure frontage for infantry and 2 figures for cavalry on a 60mm wide base.

Meanwhile my attempt to clear the Crewe, etc, backlog progresses

A nice Grille/Bison, I think it's from Cromwell, in the background a reworked Airfix Sdkfz7 that I've repaired with bits I picked up.

A real treat, a Milicast Tetrarch,just what I need for my British Airborne, or to invade Madagascar.

Finally a Milicast Dorchester for my 7th Armoured Division in the desert.

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AKI said...

Re ECW Basing - Black Powder dont prescribe any particular basing though favour 15-20 per man as a frontage. Individual casualties are not removed so you would find your ideas for basing would work perfectly.

I've already tried BP with ECW a couple of times (See blog) and it doesn't need much thought to make the core rules cover the late renaissance...