Gauntlet tomorrow

Well after an exhausting few days it's almost arrived, and as usual I have not completed everything I would have liked. Last year it was creating all the new roads, this year I have not managed to rework all my trees, I hadn't realised quite how worn my old trees had become until I started the job. However my first impression are that the reworked trees will certainly pass muster, but I need a lot of new rubberised horsehair.

My original tree are about 40 years old and the bases were curling, but I hadn't realised how much the foliage (horsehair) had eroded, it was less than half the original diameter. What is left is OK, but whereas in the distant past I ad a free readily available supply, now I have to pay expensive prices for it so I have to be more careful as I use it.

A number of old and new trees will be in us tomorrow on the SOTCW game so please pop by if you are anywhere close. Usually the B&B is good value (and free for sellers)


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