Upgrading my trees

A quick update to show the progress on upgrading my trees, so far about half have been reworked. This has involved rebasing, adding new rubberised horsehair and flocking.

On the right is one of the old ones, showing how much hair it has lost (like me) over the last thirty years. The basic armature is copper wire and I just need to open it out to add more horsehair.

The "flock" I used was some similarly aged old scatter material, principally made up of coloured sawdust. It works quite well for leaves, but the problem now is that there is not enough to cover all the remaining trees and therefore I need to find something similar.


Rafael Pardo said...

Lovely trees! Thay would be perfect for my table game, but maybe I am somewhat lazy!

Dux Homunculorum said...

Very nice Will! What glue to you use to make the horsehair and flock stick to the armatures?

Fire at Will said...

Alanus, the horsehair is hld in place by looping the ends of the wire back. The horsehair is then brushed thickly and dipped into flock. Finally sealed with a dilute PVA/water sprayed on with an old spray bottle.