DAK Panzers

When I started sorting out the WW2 stash of incomplete kits I came across a collection of Matchbox Panzer IIIs that I have acquired over a period of time intending to build a suitable force for desert combat. All were assembled, and some were painted, but I thought here's a quick job that will reduce the size of the stash. Of course I then added a couple of unassembled Airfix Panzer IV to the mix. Of course they took longer than expected, but they made a break from the ECW figures when required.

All I now need to complete a Rapid Fire Panzer Regiment are a Befehlswagen and four Panzer IIs

The latest ECW foot regiment is now fully painted and just needs a wash and then based up.


EinarOlafson said...
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EinarOlafson said...

Very nice Panzer unit!! I´m beginning to appreciate the 1/72 plastic figures.

Thank you for the invitation to go to Deeside Defenders club. I will try to go some day, I haven´t got a car at the moment. Is it easy to arrive by bus or train?

Fire at Will said...

Einar, by coincidence I was looking at your previous post today and then the transport options. Broughton is on bus routes but it is not easy from Dyserth. I'll post on the club Yahoo group to see if anyone is near you.


Andrew said...

Those are some sharp looking tanks, and what a great find with that table cloth.