On the Workbench - August 2010

A month, perhaps a longer for some concentrated work, I'm going to crack on with the ECW project and try to finish all the figures I have, this will mean:
  • Complete Alexander Pophams Foot
  • Edward Massey's Foot (the governor of Gloucester) - another blue cloat unit
  • North Somerset Horse (anything I like really)
  • Wallers Foot Regiment - some yellow coats to provide contrast.

In completing all of this I wish to thank Meic for providing me with a lots of headgear

I'll also continue work on reducing the stash of WW2 vehicles acquired at Crewe.

High point of the month will be refighting the battle of Liegnitz with the Lance & Longbow at Britcon in Manchester.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I look forward to seeing the painted ECW units . . . it is a period I hope to tackle at some point and well-painted units help to inspire me.

-- Jeff

EinarOlafson said...

You are painting at a great speed!! I´m amazed every time I see that you have painted 20,000 miniatures. Do you still use the traditional method of a primer coat of white glue?


Fire at Will said...

Einar, no I've hardly ever used PVA as a primer, usually it has been straight paint or a white/sand enamel undercoat if necessary depending on the type of plastic and its colour and the paint I am using. Vallejo and Coat D'arms horse colours both need undercoat because they are thin and need something to bind to. Humbrol and other Coat d'arms acrylic seems to cover OK most of the time

With PVA or gesso, if the figure is still greasy it doesn't adhere properly and if i seeems to it conngels while drying.

I see you are in Dyserth, why not pop down to the Deeside Defenders club some Thursday and have a chat?


EinarOlafson said...

Thank you for the invitation. I will try to go some day, I haven´t a car at the moment. It´s easy to arrive by bus or train?