Progress report

Well things are progressing on the painting front and I have decided on my basing for my ECW foot, they will all be on 40 x 40 bases containing 4 figures. However I also decided to add a second colour bearer to each regiment so I have been sorting out the best way to achieve it.

The sergeant figure was the solution I found that there was sufficient officer arms that with some careful arrangement I could create three standing colour bearers, who would look fine in with the vertical pikes. I just added a sash to each one.

Fiddling with the rest of the arms I had lying around I managed to create a few more variations. from L to R: basic figure; arms from free WI firelock; cavalryman sword arm; fifer and drummer and finally the three new colour bearers. The last of these is all I have to paint to complete my first foot regiment.


Paul Liddle said...

Great idea,I've got some of these in my "to do " pile so it's very interesting to see what you are doing with yours.


Bluebear Jeff said...

What size regiments are you planning on, Will?

-- Jeff

Fire at Will said...

Jeff, the regiments will be the same as the packet, 40 figures, with two sleeves of 12 muskets and a 16 figure pike block.

I will gain a couple of figures per packet from the conversions, but I'll use the extra to create a forelorn hope.