Popham's Foote

At last my first regiment of foot has been finished. I finally worked out how I could base the figures and as mentioned earlier I have added an extra ensign to the regiment.

Everything is based on 40mm squares so there are two sleeves of 12 muskets and a pike block of 16 figures.

The flags are speculative, I used a yellow stags head on a red field as that was part of Alexander Popham's coat of arms. The coats are blue as was common for west country foot and for consistency I gave them a red lining.

The next regiment is already being painted and a third is now off the sprues.
In answer to the questions.

The next regiment will be Massey's, which given it is probably the same regiment as Earl of Stamford's where he was Lt Colonel when it was raised in 1642. They had blue coats with possibly white lining.

The other foot regiment will be William Waller's, which had yellow coats, lining unknown, but no surprise that I will use red.


Bluebear Jeff said...

They look good, sir. What coat colors are you planning for the next two regiments?

-- Jeff

Neil Scott said...

Nice paintwork, which 2 regiments are you painting next


Ubique Matt said...

Very nice looking regiment. The buildings are also interesting, any chance of more photos/details?


Fire at Will said...

Jeff/Scotty, details have been added to the post

Matt, if you click on the label Terrain under Topics you will find more pictures of the buildings.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Very nice indeed... what rules will you be using??? Do I remember you mentioning Black Powder?

Fire at Will said...

Steve, it will be 1644/WECW or my own TYW rules, but I expect I'll try the Black Powder ECW when they arrive, which is why i was concerned about basing that I could use across any system.