Black Powder variations

Variations to the Black Powder rules based on local playing experience and ideas from the Black Powder Yahoo group.
1) Move Sequence (all moving player unless mentioned otherwise)
· Initiative moves
· Normal command moves
· Move generals (who have not issued rally or follow me orders)
· Remove disorder from stationary units
· Defensive fire (non moving player) and break tests
· Hand to hand combat and break tests
· Follow up moves and any resulting hand to hand combat resolution.
· Check brigade morale
2) Disordered units
Cannot take orders, but may retire into their rear quarter as part of initiative
3) Movement
All movement into flank or rear quarters is done at half pace
Close order can move through woods, but at half speed and for each 6” or part moved though the wood roll a d6. If the result is 1-3 the unit is disorganised and movement ceases.
4) Interpenetration
Any close unit passing though a gap between close order units narrower than half its frontage rolls a d6. If the result is 1-3 the unit is disordered and movement ends. Passing through skirmishers and artillery has no effect. Distance moved is measured via the gap between units.
5) Brigade morale
As per Hail Caesar, more than half units broken, or all shaken for the brigade to be broken. Ignore tiny units, small or artillery count ½; large count 1½ if needed. Rallies still possible.

1 comment:

SoA Shows North said...

We tried a variant for WSS this evening ...
1/. Initiative Moves
2/. Shooting
3/. Ordered Moves (anyone who shot is +1 on the command roll)
4/. Combat etc.

It worked rather well I thought. It means you can initiative move into a shooting position, but nothing fancy ... you can also shoot first, then charge (but it's an ordered move so might not happen at all).

There were some things wrong, including an unlikely interpenetration (so I like your local ruling there ...) ...

thanks for posting the suggestions