On the Workbench - September/October 2011

I was getting on fine in August until late in the month when family came to visit, restricting painting time and then the bulb failed in one of my lamps. I've only just got a replacement and the result was the Bashi-Bazoukis are only half started. Why a two month target this time? Well I hope to sneak in some holiday in the period, but nothing definite yet and I've got to get on with a number of projects so I'll be flitting between them. At the end of October I'll be putting on an Aztec/Conquistadore game for the Lance & Longbow Society at Fiasco, so hopefully I'll see more fellow bloggers there if not at Derby.

  • Finish the figures for the US paras, the HQ, Engineer Company and a "Multi-purpose" Company that will be able to act as either a Defence or Reece Company or just as a spare if needed. About 30 odd figures
  • Overhaul my WW2 Russians, these go back at least 30 years and I really need to bring them up to a common standard and replace a fair proportion with the new Plastic Soldier Company figures, so about 100 new figures to paint and 50 to rework/rebase. Net result will be to release some old figures for sale.
  • Massive effort on my Imagi-nation SYW Frundsbergers around 120 infantry and 20 cavalry to paint.

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