In with the New - part 1

Time for the new Russians, a full three battalion regiment plus extras to give extra flexibility. At the back are a couple of bits to remind me I still have quite a bit of rebasing still to do for the heavy weapons
47mm AT guns are by Plastic Soldier that will either be used as a stand-alone three gun AT battalion or allocated to individual battalions if like motor rifles they have them in their establishment. Behind is the regimental HQ.
1st battalion, dominantly Plastic Soldier, note that I have included a pair of MMGs and AT rifles so they can be used as Guards Rifles. It also means I can swap the figures between marching and deployed when they are not.
2nd battalion, same organisation as the first, but the figures other than the Heavy Weapons and LMGs are a mix of Pegasus and Zvezda, mostly already painted. In addition there are some of the old Esci Hard plastics that were reworked to current standards,
3rd battalion - more of a mixture
4th battalion - this is where I've tried to maximise flexibility, its basis is a late war SMG armed motor rifle battalion, but I've added a couple of figures to each company so they can be used as ordinary infantry, and I still need to rebase a few more bits to complete it. Figures are from all sources and even a few from the Matchbox T34 kit.

Some close-ups to follow


The Angry Lurker said...

Russians will be my future project, have been picking up boxes as I go, good work on those.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Quantity has a quality all its own. You certainly have a good quantity. They're very nice looking as well.

Ray Rousell said...

Nice looking troops, great basing as well!

Rodger said...

Very nice Russians.