Atlantic figures for sale/trade

These are now all sold except for two bags of Greek Infantry

I have been passed a large box of Atlantic ancients by another wargamer. If interested in any trades please leave a comment. I'll be selling off any remainders at the next show I attend (probably Derby)
  • Roman cavalry (about 20)
  • Roman command figures and archers (about 50)
  • Greek cavalry (about 20 - no horses)
  • Greek infantry (about 150)
  • Pharaohs court (SOLD)
  • Egyptian Infantry (about 400)
  • Egyptian Archers (about 80)
  • Trojan infantry (about 90) (sold)
  • Egyptian Light Cavalry (unique conversions)
Trades I'm looking for are listed here and my other items to trade are here

Latest update, these have now been bagged up and available for sale as follows
8 x Atlantic Egyptian Infantry (50figs) £1.50
2 x Atlantic Egyptians Archers (40 figs) £2.00
1 x Atlantic Greek Cavalry (20+ riders) £1.00
3 x Atlantic Greek Infantry (50figs) £1.50
1 x Atlantic Roman Cavalry (20 riders 10 horses) £1.50
1 x Atlantic Roman Infantry (42 figs) £1.50
1 x Atlantic Egyptian Cavalry £4.00

I'll be at Derby (Saturday only) and Fiasco in October so if you are interested in any of them email Fire-at-Will@live.co.uk

Thanks for looking


Tony said...

Actually I´m one of the interesteds in Atlantic...I allways loved this Italian brand buy, years ago i trade all my collection by a Lone Ranger Action figure, so I loose it all.....
Now I´m looking for it agin, but The western collection....Yes, I know I can find it made by Nexus but it´s not the same.

Fire at Will said...

Sorry Tony, I sold off most of my old Atlantic wild west figures about 6 months ago apart from some limber riders. I've also got some of the old low relief buildings as well.


Bestland said...



can i have buy those figures from you

Bestland said...

i am also interested in roman canvalry

Fire at Will said...


Atlantic Romans look to be a ix of the following (from PSR) row 1 #3 and 4; row row 3 #2 to 4.

There are about 20 Roman riders and 10 horses plus a few charioteers (no chariots)

Contact me via Fire-at-Will@live.co.uk

Doug said...

Hi Will. I wish to buy all the atlantic stuff, but you email (Fire_at_Will@live.co.uk) comes back to ms as (your ISP#) does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
Giving up on (your ISP#).

Fire at Will said...

Doug, sorry I typed underscores instead of dashes, now corrected.


Doug said...

Thank You! I sent an email.