DAK radio trucks

After quite a bit of work they're complete, a large KFZ61 for my kampfgruppe/regimental HQ and smaller Kfz 17 for the artillery. The cause of the slow progress is the complexity of the mouldings and ensuring a good fit, even then after a lot of care on the underside of the Kfz17 I found the wheels were too far out and therefore after a lot of soul searching I ripped off the suspension. The replacement was just a simple length of sprue cut to size and it's virtually unnoticeable without turning the vehicle over.

Since I had a second Kfz17 I decided to assemble it at the same time to save time on the learning curve. This time it's for my early war German forces.

Kits are the Ace Kfz17 and the ZV Models Kfz61, both limited production run models.


Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Looking great, thanks for sharing these painted vehicles and the way to paint these vehicle windows!


Rodger said...

I like lots!!!

peter said...

These vehicles look excellent Will! Thanks for sharing!