King of Tigers?

So I've finished my Airfix King Tiger, a lovely kit with one exception - rubber band tracks. Of course as you would expect when fitting them I broke off one of the idler wheels. I was not a happy bunny! In the end I left them loose as they are not noticeable with the side skirts.

As for the colour of the image, I have a new camera and I'm still trying to find the best settings for taking indoor pictures. The Dunkelgalb certainly looks to yellow in this picture.

Also in the picture is an Edai Stug IV that I picked up at the Derby show.


Archduke Piccolo said...

I like those vehicles - and a nice, simple camo design.

I've always been rather impressed at just how yellow Dunkelgelb actually is. Under yellow artificial light, or even in sunlight, I think the colour would be noticeable.

But this to my mind is the main attraction of a WW2 German Army: its colours.

Mr Grant said...

Very nice stuff.

Red_Cardinal said...

Porsche turret?

peter said...

Nice tanks and that cammo looks great!


Thanos said...

Nice work Will! :)