On the workbench January 2013

Well, in an attempt to keep up momentum I'm trying to close off as many bits and pieces as possible before starting the bigger projects, so I'm working on
  • Ace 100mm and 150mm guns to provide my DAK with some heavier support, this is why I needed some more Sdkfz 7s;
  • A small unit of Light Dragoons to round off my 1801 British, I'll need some of the Hat British Command to provide commanders when they are available.  I had started on a unit of Highlanders, but had an unexpected brittle fracture so they will have to wait till a replacement arrives;
  • British and US Airborne Jeeps to provide AT and Artillery tows, plus Morris tractors for the 17pdrs
  • A French Staff car for the SOGG charity "paint your wagon" appeal.
  • Some more DAK bits to make up the army, especially a couple of radio vans, odd infantry, OP and command teams.
  • Some Italian TL37 artillery tractors
and a special indulgence the Airfix King Tiger I got for Christmas

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Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Those will keep you busy looks a bit like my workbench for an entire year!