Saturday, 1 July 2017

Gauntlet - day 1

First pictures from our local show/games day, mainly of our SOTCW game of Operation Archery - Vaagso 1941

Above and next two pictures the isalnd of South Vaagso

Maaloy - with the German coastal gun battery

Commandos advancing on Vaagso

and on Maaloy towards the gun positions, unfortunately on both island an early end of turn (we were using Chain of Comand) the covering barrage from the warships ended allowing the Germans to respond effectively.

Commandos decide to hide in a fish oil factory, only two would survive!

Germans responding on Maaloy

Commandos slowly pushing forward on the main road into Vaagso, while their comrades who landed closer in are being cut down by vicious German MG fire

On Maaloy the initail game ended in failure for the Commandos and the second attempt didn't get any better.

Time ended with the Commando attacks on both island repulsed. Tomorrow should see a more historical encounter, just on Vaasgo. Oh and I was the German player on Vaagso.

other games - a Flames of War competition

A large Battlegroup Kursk game

Plus the usual 6th edition competition, boardgames, B&B, etc. definately a good days gaming.


George Wyllie said...

You lot have a knack for layouts.

Pete. said...

Love the Vaagso layout.