Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Old TYW Flags

Over 25 years ago when I started my Thirty years War armies there was very little readily available information on the armies from various sources I assembled a number of flags and hand drew them on paper. These were then photo-reduced added to the figures and then painted. There were no easy solutions back then. Here are copies of the flags I created.

Immediate references I used included
Blandford - Flags of the World in colour
Renaissance Armies - George Gush
Arquebusier (Pike & Shot Society Journal)
- 1985 #1 Danish Flags
- 1986 #3 Imperial Flags (Saxony)
- 1986 #4 Imperial Flags (Hapsburg)
- 1986 #5 Imperial Flags (Other)
- 1987 #1 Thirty Years War Flags
- 1987 #4 Wallenstein's Regiment of Foot
- XVIII #1 French Infantry Colours.

Now I would have to add the four Osprey Men-at-Arms books on the Swedish and Imperial Armies, plus various websites.

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