Monday, 3 July 2017

Gauntlet - day 2

Some more pictures from our local show, quite a busy days gaming.

We restarted the Vaagso game with two strengthend Commando platoons assaulting the town held by two scratched up German platoons, it was the most we could manage since we were short on numbers due to illness, etc. For those interested in the mechanics, we skipped the patrol phase in Chain of Command and used the landing craft for jumping off points for the Commandos and the main billets for the Germans. This meant that we needed to pre-game bombardment to keep the German's heads down until we deployed.

A reasonable first move by my Commandos, who then got stuck in crossfire and couldn't move forwards for quite a while. The German jump-off points are marked by flags.

Andy's platoon had a clearer initial run, the real blockage was the Ulversund hotel (top left) occupied by two German squads

Eventually the defences of the Ulversund hotel were broken down and one German Platoon was routed, leaving the way clear to take the rest of the town. The Panzer I they controlled was quite ineffective for most of the game as it refused to activate until the bombardment completely stopped. It then gave me a nasty fright with its firepower, then it was pinned by our mortars.

More details and pictures of the game are on the Land of Counterpane blog and Sediments wargames blog

Other games - WRG 6th competition

A large Anglo-Zulu War Isandwana game

Quatre Bras 1815

Plus an X-wing competition and lots of boardgames being played.

Overall and excellent weekends gaming, only marred my the unfortunate absense of Richard P, who had built some more scenery for Vaagso and a Hampden bomber, which would have been a nice sight over the table.

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