Tuesday, 4 July 2017

TYW rebasing - Imperial Lobsters

My last item finished in June were these 3/4 armoured cuirassiers. As previously noted rebasing is not that easy when you also reorganise the units and then spot various bits you missed (or didn't bother with) when they were first painted over 25 years ago.

With only three lobsters per pack I was desperate to find extra figures so included in the forces are a number of extras like these B&B ECW Lobsters mounted on Revell horses in the front rank

Behind them with red sashes are Mars copies of Revell, they were horrible figures, but the best I could get.

To provide variety I painted the armour different colours, wheras in reality only a few officers might have a different finish on their armour. When touching up the bronze with paint from the same tin as I've always used since the year... I was surprised how much the colour on the figures had faded over the years.

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