Wednesday, 5 July 2017

On the workbench - July 2017

Having completed Gauntlet I currently have no deadlines before the end of the year. So I can switch between my various projects for the year, except I'm on the final leg of the Thirty Years War rebasing so my July plans are:

  • Rebase/Upgrade 11 TYW Imperial Foot Regiments (each 28 strong)
  • Rebase/Upgrade all the TYW commanders from mainly single figures to a vignette style of 2 or more
  • Create some TYW forlorn hope/commanded musketeers
  • Rebase some old Jacklex Boers for the Men who would be Kings"
  • Gun crews for my BEF 18/25pdrs
  • Start on converting a pair of Airfix Bofors Morris QLB tractor into a CDSW tractor for the 18/25pdrs

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