On the workbench - October 2022

So I only painted 32 cavalry last month, so I felt I needed to breakdown the cause for my loss of output. I was away for aa third of the month and once I returned I spent most days printing a batch on the 3D printer. Given that this takes at least 2 hours per batch sorting out the files, then printing and cleaning up, so there goes another third. As for the rest a lack of motivation and being distracted (see below) explains it. So there are loads started, but not much finished! So of the items carried over
  • Pegasus bridge - now base painted
  • A river or suitable base for the bridge that hopefully links to my existing river. - apart from measuring up nothing has been done, I think I will use some plastic sheet that I have used before for a sea edge, but I need to source it. Banks will be added separartely.
  • A Horsa glider to go with it. - I've openned the box and looked at the instructions
  • An early war Spitfire from the stash - almost finished I have to add the decals
  • A pair of Boer War Pom-Poms and crews - started but I tend to just add the occasional bit of colour left over from other work
  • Cisapline Republic Infantry - well underway, the basic colours have been blocked in.

Items started but not planned for
  • Russian motorcyclists, universal carriers and T60s - all straight from the printer
  • French motorcyclists and cavalry - ditto
  • A pair of British Sextons, an M10 and an Achilles - ditto
  • Upgrading Austrian Napoleonic limbers - replacing the old Airfix style limbers with a 3D printed version
  • Upgrading a couple of old French half tracks - with 3D printed Somua MCG tracks.

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