Sunday, 22 December 2013

Saracen cavalry

Managed to keep the momentum, despite various distractions. I've used a packet each of the Strelets Arab Cavalry and Seljuk Cavalry to make three cavalry units, a horse archer unit and a commander.

I decided to base the horse archers moving sideways and it's quite effective

So the basic Saracen force is now complete. I'll add various other units to it as needed, like Parthian horse archers, until I get around to adding more Saracens.


Robert Hingley said...

Overall, the beginning of a great looking army.

Rafael Pardo said...

They look very colourful!

Sander said...

Great stuff and very colourful! I have loads of HäT El Cid mini's lying around awaiting a paintjob and these pictures are really inspiring.

Stryker said...

Splendid job!

Thomas said...

They look great!