Christmas presents

Must have been good this year so plenty of wargames goodies under the Christmas tree

For those interested in my plans for these:

  • Imex American Pioneers - various vignettes for my ACW and some suitable cattle/pigs for skirmish games, etc
  • Mars French Mounted Guards - Royal Musketeers and Guards of Cardinal Richelieu - will allow me to use my TYW armies as French as well
  • Strelets Norman Train - just baggage/eye candy for my Normans/Medievals
  • Strelets German Army in Stalingrad - to go with my still unpainted winter Italians and Hungarians to provide a force to fight my already painted Russians
  • Strelets Soviet Partisans in Summer Dress - will replace my existing metal partisans
  • Strelets Soviet Partisans in Winter Dress - to reinforce my winter Russians mentioned above
  • Strelets Turkish Army in Summer Dress 1877 (x2) - will become Egyptian infantry for the Sudan


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Generous family or heavy hints? Nice eclectic collection of stuff and fun for the new year there. Clearly your interests and knowledge range over a considerable tranche of time.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Plenty of interesting projects in train there! Someone has had his Merry Christmas, and the New Year is looking no less Happy!