Recon - Deepdale revisted

Last show of the year and it was across the Pennines to Pudsey. David has done a lot more research on the Banastre rebellion of 1315 and this refight reflects his latest research, which will be published in Hobilar, the Lance & Longbow journal.

He has now positioned the batttlefield to the north of Preston. When I first saw the table I though the rebels were all bottled up, but so of the opposing forces were just positioned on table for show.

Rebels on the left leaving Preston. Bottom right is Vavasour on table. Next is Nevil and then top right is strictland. I took command of the rebels centre and right, all infantry except for Lee's and Bradshaw's personal bodyguards.

I took a few pictures to start and then got stuck into the game

Bradshaws force with Banastre

Nevil's force

The deciding moment, after almost being driven into the hedge Banastre's cavalry fight back and break the royalists. It then allowed me to attack Nevil's pike block in flank with Lee's bodyguard.

It finished with a resounding rebel victory!

It's now a nicely balanced small scenario that could swing either way. I'll probably give it a try at Deeside using Hail Caesar.

A full write-up can be found on the Wargame Amateur blog

And the show - very friendly, lots of chat, but I didn't buy anything!

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Monty said...

Great looking game!