Valletta - Grand Masters Palace & Armoury

Continuing the Malta theme, here are my pictures of the inside of the armoury, if you are into renaissance armour then this is the place to visit. The armoury consists of two rooms one with armour the second with weapons

A representation of a pike block

Cases full of armour

The most expensive suit of armour (centre)

The guns, disappointingly there was no descriptions for them

General view showing the huge variety of pole arms down the far wall.

Upstairs are the state rooms and these were not worth the entrance fee. Compared to the Doge's palace in Venice there were no descriptions of the room content or context and the throne room which has murals of the Great Siege only has access at the ends making them difficult to see properly. The tapestry room had such subdued lighting and could only be viewed from the doorway

Wikipedia link and the official site if they had put the descriptions from this up in the rooms it would have helped


painterman said...

Lovely shiney steel - very impressive and about to go on my 'bucket list'!

Eric Elder said...

Wow, impressive.

João Pedro Peixoto said...

dont forget the war museum at the 3 cities :)