Merry Christmas - and what happened to last years presents

First off a great picture by Mark Carline of the Chester Eastgate taken in the snow

So what happened to last years wargames presents?

  • 1 x Redbox Men-at-Arms and Retinue - all painted except the commanders, I just need to decide who to paint them as!
  • 1 x Redbox Town & Country Levy - all painted
  • 1 x Caesar Aztecs - still not painted
  • 3 x Airfix Cromwell Cruiser - all assembled and painted
  • 1 x Airfix King Tiger - all assembled and painted
  • 1 x Waterloo Rogers Rangers - still not painted
  • 1 x Hat Zulu War British Command - still not painted
  • 1 x Hat El Cid Moorish Command - used to create my Sudan commanders
  • 1 x Hat Napoleonic Mounted Officers virtually all painted as Allied commanders for Leipzig and I've bought a second packet
  • 1 x Hat Napoleonic British Command - the mounted officers were used to provide the commanders for my British in Egypt 1801, the remainder will be use when I tidy up my British Napoleonics (2015?)

Not a bad performance and I'll review my annual achievements once the year is over, still another week of painting to go.

Best wishes to one and all this Christmas



adeptgamer said...

Happy Christmas too you too!

Conrad Kinch said...

An impressive record Will - Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Sander said...

Will, those are decent scores on your unpainted plastic! I wish I could say the same! Perhaps we should start a competition like Analogues Painting Comp, but then only for 20mm's

Merry Christmas and a good 2014!