Sunday, 2 December 2018

Recon - Pudsey 2018

After Stockton, we spent a week in the North Yorks Moors before heading home with a stop for the Recon show and participation in the Lance & Longbow game. Luckily I found the way despite the bad weather and arrived in time for the opening.

Today's game was the battle of Lewes 1264, I only took one picture just at the start as the Montfortians started their attack.

I then failed to take any other pictures of the game or any of the other games, sorry.

My acquistions from the B&B and also what various friends gave me.

The kits will replenish my kit stash, a pair of Mark IV tanks is excessive given I already have two, but one will become a beute version. The M3 scout car was a great find on the B&B. Bob donated me yet more of the Strelets bonus Streltsy figures, and I received a selection of plastic limbers from David P, very useful. The really interesting item is the Italian Electricity Pylons from Simon R along with some German infantry carts, that will be used for some loader teams for Battlegroup.

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