British Paras, the first batch

OK to kick off with, I had to rework an existing Para battalion to ensure it was consistent with the new stuff that I'm producing. I've added a few extras such as a Piat team and 2" mortar from the Italeri AT teams. The 3" mortar and HMG still need to be rebased but I'll do them once I find a good source for the extra pair of each I need for the other two battalions.

Then there are the new units, these are all the small bits I might need for specific games. At the fron Left to right Pathfinder Company, Recon Company (need Jeeps) Engineer Company (still need to add a flamethrower). Behind are the brigade HQ and the Artillery OP.

Now on with the second battalion.


Nick Grant said...

Very Cool!


Monty said...

Great work Will - nice one!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Good work!

Sander said...

Oh that brings home the good times I had with my Revell Para's. I used the jeep out of this set as a Para jeep: Revell 1:76 - L.R.D.G. 30 cwt Chevrolet & Jeep

Cheers Sander

Rodger said...

Really nice work Will.