On the workbench - February 2012

A month of solid progress on the Paras needs a final push(?) to get the majority fixed, so I'll work on adding the missing MGs, mortars, AT guns and Reece vehicles.

So what else?
  • The Festes-Haus zu Ransbach (by popular request, and I'm quite interested to see how it turns out)
  • Continue work on the various WW2 vehicles (currently the frame aerials are proving problematic)
  • A "proper" camp using the Bellona tents
Then there is the Vapnartak show in York this weekend where the L&L will be refighting Ravenna 1512 (500th anniversary)


Sir William the Aged said...


If you ever run across the old Bellona "Redan" redoubt, and you don't need it for yourself, please let me know. I had one years ago and let it get away, would love to have another one!


Fire at Will said...

Bill, I think there might have been a Redan in the box with the tents, if I see the seller again I'll ask


Sir William the Aged said...

What sort of "tariff" was the seller looking for? Please e-mail me off-line and we can discuss further. Thanks - Bill