Plans for 2012

I've decided that 2012 will be dominated by a desert theme, with two main thrusts:
  • Firstly, preparation for this October’s big game to commemorate the battle of El Alamein and to bring all my WW2 desert forces up to a consistent level. This means I’ve a lot to do on my DAK/8th Army forces as I’ve concentrated so far on the earlier desert campaigns;
  • Secondly, with the arrival of the Hat Dervishes it’s off to the Sudan.
This will be backed up by work on:
  • British to fight the French in Egypt with the latest Strelets releases and promises of more this year. I expect I’ll paint some extra French;
  • Sort out the assorted Saracens so I can use Hail Caesar for Crusades games.
Other projects:
  • Work on the British Airborne brigade (carried over from 2011);
  • Clear out the rest of my medievals to make a Burgundian/German force;
  • Upgrade more terrain, especially walls and hedges (carried over from 2011).
And finally keep the stash to fewer than 5,000 taking into account Christmas presents

Of course this might change slightly once a decision is made about the SOTCW game at Gauntlet, but my normal contribution is to the terrain for the game, so the impact will be most likely to add to the list.

Adding up all that I already have in the stash for the above makes 1,200 items, so even with the necessary purchases it should be feasible.

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