Zvezda triplet

Continuing the theme of threes, here's three different WW2 German sets from Zvezda from left to right
  • Reconnaissance set - only four figures, but some very nice poses
  • Motorcycles, only one per packet, but lots of detail, far superior to the Hat version, I just wish they had included an optional pillion rider as well
  • Engineers, four figures, but some accessories included as well of which the only usable components are the barbed wire fencing. the wire cutter and mine detectors make this a very useful set

In general the best option is to rebase the figures, the originals work just about OK with the motorcycles. I do feel that the contents of the sets is being adjusted to reflect it's value in their art of tactic game, hence the boxes with single sprues of just four figures. Do I feel ripped off? Well slightly as otherwise I'd have to convert the figures or (horror) buy metal.

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adeptgamer said...

Nice work, very fun looking!