Crusade 2012 - Penarth

Been off for the last week on holiday in Pembroke, but luckily my return coincided with the Crusade show in Penarth, Cardiff, so I got chance to pop in and meet up with a number of people and have a good look at what is becoming a popular show.

Oh, and I spent some money too, more than I expected
  • Ten Stuarts from Combat Miniatures (at a good price, especially as the old Matchbox models rarely appear on ebay)
  • Two pairs of guns from Minimi - Italian 47mm and British 2pdr (and apparently a 50mm PAK38 will be appearing shortly)
  • British Paratroop MMG and Mortar teams plus the parts to equip my Reece jeeps from SHQ
  • A copy of Last Argument of Kings (I cracked when I found a copy for £16!)
  • A copy of the latest version of "I ain't been shot mum" (and a chance to have a good chat with my old mate Richard Clarke)
  • A couple of assembled Airfix Grants (now up to 6, slowly getting there)
  • A couple of Matchbox 251's (I think I need a couple for my DAK forces)
Then there were the games, some demonstrators were putting in the effort and engaging with the public, while others just hunkered down and just played the game, shame!

Some pictures

Richard Clarke's IABSM demo game (15mm)
The battle of Chousitz 1742 (10mm)
Vietnam Riverine warfare (20mm)
Battle of Fishguard (what if) 25mm
WW2 (25mm)


Monty said...

Nice post, Will and I couldn't agree more with your second point.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

It's a brilliant show - just too far these days for me to get to for a day out - fuel price is a killer....