Penkridge - foraging trip

Popped down to the table sale held at Penkridge today and secured a few useful bits and pieces at prices to justify the trip (honest!)
  • four Airfix 6pdr guns (just what I need for Monty's battles)
  • an Airfix Crusader
  • SHQ Nebelwerfer
  • Academy kubelwagen
  • a pack of Revell SYW Austrian Infantry
  • about 90 Esci WW2 Russian Guards (the hard plastic set)
  • A set of Airfix British Paras (I just want the mortar and crew!)
  • The FOW Afrika handbook (only to have a read look at the eye-candy and then sell)
  • Dapol platform figures (to provide some unarmed civilians)
  • The Bellona tent set (I need some more for encampments, probably go for a desert basing this time)
Nice friendly atmosphere and it seemed to get plenty of buyers and sellers.

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Anonymous said...

Are you interested in selling/ swapping some of the Esci Russians? I have some Chinese copies of the British 1/32 paras.